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Manage Users

Administrators can invite users, assign licensed seats, and manage role permissions.

Where to manage users

Only administrators have permission to manage users.

Administrators under any subscription can invite additional users.

While only activated users with licensed seats can use our Viewabo Live tool, any user can try our Viewabo Request tool with or without an activated licensed seat.

To activate or deactivate users and licensed seats: 

  1. Visit Account Settings
  2. Go to "Users"
  3. To activate a seat, toggle ON the switch to the left of the user name. 
  4. To deactivate a seat, toggle OFF the switch to the left of the user name.

Add or remove a user

Add a user: 

  1. Visit Account Settings
  2. Go to "Users"
  3. To invite a new user, click on "+ Invite a new user"
  4. Enter the new user's email and click send.

The new user will appear on your user's list. You can assign them a particular role.

To activate their account and log in, the new user can follow the instructions in the invitation email.

Remove a user: 

  1. Visit Account settings
  2. Go to "Users"
  3. To remove a user, find them on your user's list. Click on the trash can icon on the far right of the user's row to delete the user.
  4. When prompted, confirm that you'd like to remove this user.

If you removed the user by accident, re-add the user by re-inviting them.

Manage user roles

Different user roles allow different permissions. 


  • View reports and overall team activities
  • View any and all case tickets and videos
  • Manage users & permissions
  • Change plan, manage billing
  • Add integration
  • Anything an agent can do


  • Use Viewabo Live for real-time video support (if the user has a licensed seat)
  • Use Viewabo Request for asynchronous video support
  • View and create cases
  • View videos
  • View bookmarks

To re-assign a user's role: 

  1. Visit Account Settings
  2. Go to "Users"
  3. Find the user; under the column titled "Roles", select the user's new role.