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Quick Start Guide

Get up and running in minutes!

Get Started

Viewabo lets you see what your customers see through an interactive video without any app downloads. If you have not done so already, please take 5 minutes to do the following:

  1. Complete a Viewabo STREAM with yourself 
    1. Test the pause, annotations, on-screen text, and audio features. 
    2. Take note of all prompts and permissions requests, as you may need to direct your customers through these steps to connect with them successfully.
  2. Complete a Viewabo CAPTURE with yourself
  3. Complete a Viewabo STREAM with a colleague

Viewabo STREAM

Please watch this quick video tour of Viewabo STREAM, our live video tool. Viewabo STREAM is an interactive way to guide customers more quickly in real-time. You’ll notice that annotations drawn while the stream is live will fade after a second, whereas annotations drawn while the stream is paused remain until erased or the stream is unpaused.


Viewabo CAPTURE lets you request videos from your customers without worrying about file sizes, email attachments, or storage locations.

Below are some best practices for using CAPTURE with your customers.

Tell them what to expect. 

Here’s a short script you can use to increase CAPTURE fulfillment:

“I’m sending you a link through a service we use called Viewabo. Please click on that link and follow the instructions to create a short video of the issue you’re experiencing. Make sure you click 'Done' at the end of the process.”

Resend the link. 

Suppose your CAPTURE request hasn’t been fulfilled within 24 hours, and the issue is still unresolved. In that case, resend the link to the customer in an email or chat with an explanation of what you want them to do (see above).

Watch and share the video. 

You’ll get notified in Viewabo and via email when a CAPTURE is fulfilled. Click the link in the notification to access the recording. You can share the video with others in your organization so they can help you determine the best resolution for the customer.

Got Feedback?

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions about how Viewabo can better serve you and your customers. To get in touch, email us at