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Session Tools

Viewabo Live includes tools you can use during Viewabo live video sessions to help solve customer issues faster by directly providing on-screen guidance.

How to annotate

During a Viewabo Live session, you can start interacting with customers by using our annotation tools:

  • Cursor highlight: 
    Your cursor appears as a bright yellow circle. The customer can see the circle on their smartphone screen. Move your cursor around to point out things you want them to see.
  • Annotations:
    You can draw boxes on either during the live video session or on a paused freeze-frame image to call attention to specific things. Choose a color from the three-color palette to start annotating. Annotations on a Viewabo Live video session disappear in a couple of seconds, while annotations on paused images stay on the screen until you click "Erase".
  • Erase: 
    When in the Paused mode, you can click on "Erase" to remove annotations you draw on a paused image. The "Erase" button is located on the right end of the three-color palette.

Pause mode

Press the pause button to freeze-frame the live video session and get a clear image of the object or the issue you're working on. 

Viewabo streams the static freeze-frame the customer sees on their phone to you.

Audio settings

Before you start using Viewabo, you may need to make sure that your microphone is enabled and shared with Viewabo.

Audio setting configurations include turning on video speaker & audio on and off because some agents may be speaking to the customer through an existing phone call:

  • When the speaker icon is off and the microphone is offneither side can hear the other. This is the default setting when a Viewabo Live video session first connects.

    This is the preferred setting for agents who are already speaking with a customer through a VOIP like Dialpad. 
  • When the speaker icon is on and the microphone icon is on, that means both sides can hear each other.

    This is a preferred setting for agents who are not already on a call with the same customer.
  • When the speaker icon is on and the microphone is off, that means the agent is muted but can hear the customer.

    This is a preferred setting for agents who may be talking to a coworker or manager on their side and don’t want to distract the customer. 
  • It is not possible for the Speaker icon to be off and the Microphone icon to be on.